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A Gift For Him For 2014 Valentine's Day

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for him.
Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for him.

Sometimes you have a difficult time figuring out what to get your man for Valentine’s Day. Things that could make this decision even harder is if their birthday is right around the corner, your anniversary is soon or the fact that Christmas was not too long ago. Here are some simple gift ideas you could get just about any man. However, there are a few things that you need to know before getting their gift.

  1. Is he into videogames? If so, what systems does he have? For those out there who are not gamers and think ‘what’s the difference?’ Getting an Xbox game for a Playstation man could be the difference between this being your last Valentine’s Day with him or not. It may not be that extreme of a problem but it is important to know what systems and games he has so you can get him the perfect gift. Some systems he may have include a Playstation 1,2,3 or 4, Game Cube, Original Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Wii, Xbox 360 or Xbox One. There are also the handheld consoles such as a Game Boy, Game Boy color, Ds, or 3 Ds. The systems mentioned are not every system that is out there so you really should find out what they have or what they want.
  2. Is he into reading? If so, what are his favorite authors, genres and what books does he already have? Are there any that he’s been wanting?
  3. Does he like sports? What is his favorite sport? This is another category you must be careful with, especially if you get them something to do with Yankees when he is a Red Sox fan.

A few ideas for Valentine's Day gifts include:

  1. Clothing, if he is into superhero stuff then you could get him a hoodie or shirt in his favorite superhero. Don’t just get any superhero thinking it will be fine. Some people prefer Marvel over DC and vice versa, yes there is a difference.
  2. Make something. You could make a collage of you two and the memories you have together. All you would have to do is create the collage from a photo editing site such as picmonkey or fotor, then choose a nice frame to put it in.
  3. If he is into chains and watches you could always get him a nice watch or chain for Valentine's Day. If you have not been together long, less than 6 months; it is suggested to not spend a fortune on a piece of jewelry. Try to keep your budget for his gift under $100.
  4. If there is a childhood show he would love to own, this would be a perfect personal gift to give him for Valentine’s Day whether you’ve been together a month or a year. To find out what shows he used to watch as a kid just bring it up while watching TV. If you want to be subtle about it, start talking about what you used to watch as a kid first.

Don’t get discouraged this Valentine’s Day if you don’t know what to get the man in your life. There are always options whether you go out and buy something or you just make something yourself. If he is the real romantic type you could consider making a card with a poem that fits your feelings or write a poem.

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