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A ghost in the machine

Ghost in the machine

The paranormal field is riddled of individuals using voice recorders. This is based on the assumption that an EVP or (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is a conscious energy. The problem with this is people will never question what their taught, and take everything at face value. There has never been any research on a majority of the equipment used prior to an investigation.

A major dilemma identify with the digital voice recorders is a majority of the data compression functions on lossy data compression. The lossy compression functions by eliminating some information to decrease the amount of disk space used. What this means is the lossy compression will lose some information in order to save space on a digital voice recorder. Additionally, since the information is stored, wiped, and restored. Creating or manufacturing a high probability of the “Ghost in The Machine” theory. So Imagine if these EVP’s were because of lossy compression or residual data from the digital voice recorders.

Ghost in the human machine

I have questioned the human conditioning and the paranormal field several times. Are we so focused on finding a conscious energy that we in fact manufacture paranormal activity? There is no research which has proven or remotely proven that conscious energies truly exist, other than entertainer theatrics. The not questioning the human condition has led to para-psychosis that consist of individual’s succumbing too paranormal activity because of belief, fear or just persuasion. As mentioned above there has been very little research into human conditioning or the equipment used in the field. This brought me to research the functions of the brain, and finding several articles on PVC or Prediction Visual Cognition.

PVC (Prediction Visual Cognition) is a method of the brains attempt to predict the future or what is visual seen. So in retrospect we’re psychics in a sense that our brains are constantly trying to predict what is going to happen before it happens. According to Moshe Bar of Harvard Medical School (2011) “Our proactive minds and brains continuously activate memories of previous experience in order to interpret the present and anticipate the future. In the domain of visual cognition, these predictions are based on characteristic object appearances, on typical spatial relations, and on statistical regularities of other recurring patterns. They are associative in nature, and are triggered rapidly based on rudimentary, gist information. This principle of predictions that are activated fast to facilitate perception, cognition and action covers an exceptional range of visual (and other) operations: from object to scene recognition, and from person self-impressions to shaping our visual opinions and preferences.” (Bar, 2011). The mind interpretations of what we want to see in a paranormal investigation persuaded by our own belief in wanting to capture a conscious energy. Another reason we need to understand the human condition while researching conscious energies. In fact because of the human mind and PVC we could be just subconsciously persuading ourselves we saw a ghost.

Additionally, after speaking with Jason Sullivan of Ghost Hunting 101 about his recent educational program. I thought it would be fit to include him in the creation of what he called human 3D rendering or what i like to call PCR - Predictive Cognitive Rendering. This includes all the senses of a person from sight, touch, smell and hearing. This only shows that in a field of analytic research we are our worst tool in the field.


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