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A Getaway with a View: Tiburon

Waking up early on a Saturday in the beloved City by the Bay, meander to the ferry building for a delightful array of delicious foods and incredible coffee. Leave the car behind and board the ferry on its destination to Tiburon. As the waters guide the boat across the bay, soak in the grand scenes of the city's madam, the Golden Gate Bridge, ponder stories and scenes of bygone days upon the rock, Alcatraz, and allow the fresh air to seep into the pores. An easy escape to one of Marin's most sought after towns, Tiburon, will provide a relaxing break from the constant pulse of a big city's energy.

Perched on a historic dock overlooking San Francisco Bay, the aptly named Waters Edge is the only waterfront hotel in the seaside town of Tiburon. Check-in, drop the overnighter, and stroll through the quaint streets of this idyllic town. Shopping, galleries, restaurants, and even a small theater, the Tiburon Playhouse, are all within walking distance from the hotel. Each street is charming, so allow the journey to continue to unfold as the footsteps lead up into the hills and streets of the surrounding neighborhoods. Every way the head will choose to turn will afford a new and breathtaking view of the Bay.

If weather permits, take the time to linger at a table or on the decks of Sam's Anchor Cafe. It's where all the locals and anyone who wishes to see and be seen heads on a sun-filled weekend day. After a few cocktails and perhaps a siesta at the hotel, dinner options are endless. Another local favorite with supreme food and authentic appeal is Don Antonio Trattoria. Before heading back to the city, a hike in the hills or a quick boat ride over to Angel Island will offer more stunning views and active exercise. Tiburon is a perfect, leave-the-car-behind, getaway from San Francisco.

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