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A Gathering of Dwarfs

A Gathering of Dwarfs Images
A Gathering of Dwarfs Images
Paul Iuzzolino

The Lord of the Rings tells the story of Frodo and his journey to Mount Doom to destroy the one ring of power. In The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey, we get to see the story of Bilbo Baggins, and how the one ring of power came to him. In the opening scene in this film, Gandalf and other dwarfs arrive at Bilbo's home, and Bilbo has to scramble to find food for them. Players can now try to achieve this same feat by playing An Unexpected Gathering. In this game, all the Dwarfs arrive at Bilbo's home, and you have to feed them to keep them happy. So make sure to keep that food coming, or you will find your table growing smaller and smaller.


At the start of the game, Thorin Oakenshield arrives at your front door. After you start to feed him, Balin the Dwarf and Dwalin the Dwarf knock on your front door. Soon enough, your table fills up with these Dwarfs and other Dwarfs. As you are feeding them, you have to get rid of mice that try to go into their food. When a Dwarf is hungry, a bubble will pop up with an image of the food the Dwarf wants. You have to find that food from the foods that are displayed at the bottom of the screen. This might seem like an easy task, but it gets increasingly harder when so many bubbles pop up. This part of the game is really fun, and the most interesting part is trying to find the food fast enough before the Dwarf leaves the table. Once all the Dwarfs have been feed, they decide to play some instruments, and it's up to you to create the notes for them to play.
You will see the Dwarfs holding the instruments, and at the bottom left of the screen, there are small rectangle images of those instruments. Next to these images is a blank note sheet with a vertical line. When you press the play button, the vertical line starts to move. Placing these small rectangle images of the instruments along this blank note sheet will create an interesting musical piece. There is an x button next to the play button that will allow players to erase what they made and start from the beginning. This game has nice gameplay, and feeding the Dwarfs can be quite challenging. The Dwarfs do funny animations when they are playing the instruments, and so many combinations can be made with the instruments.

Game Mechanics:

The game moves smoothly from the scene of the Dwarf arriving at the front door to the Dwarf sitting at the table. The mice move pretty fast throughout the table, so you have to be fast enough to get rid of them. When you click on the food and then click on the Dwarf that requires that food, the bubble disappears immediately. There are times though when some of the food moves slow. During the scene of the Dwarfs playing the instruments, the small rectangle images do move slow onto the blank music sheet. Besides everything moving a bit slow, the game mechanics work well in the game, and make the game engaging to play.


The controls are pretty easy in this game; you basically just click on a food, and then you click on a Dwarf that corresponds to that food. To fill the blank music sheet, click on one of the small rectangles and then click on the blank music sheet. The controls work pretty good, but sometimes the food arrives slowly to the dwarf. The small rectangles also arrive slowly onto the blank music sheet.


The cover image of Bilbo's house looks really nice. The roof of the house has a glowing green color to it, and the windows have a bright yellow glow. In the background you could see trees and a beautiful yellow and bluish sky. The Dwarfs all have unique looks that separates them, with beards and capes. They pretty much have the same kind of look they had in the movie when they arrived at Bilbo's house. The image of all the Dwarfs standing together and cheering has a nice and cheerful look to it, and the notes really shine above them. This game has cool graphics, and the Dwarfs really stand out in this game.

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