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A gambler diet

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We all know that as much as gambling can be fun and entertaining, it can sometimes be stressful. I mean the anxiety of what’s coming next can eat some people alive—and just because of that, we believe that the food you consume before and during the big game can be critical for your success.

Don’t believe us? Well, a recent report published by Popular Science clearly stated that when you are hard at thought. your brain needs more disposable calories. And just so we can help you out, we created a short but very effective list of foods you need and definitely don’t need to eat before and during gambling. Ready?


The walnut can fit into your pocket very easily and it sure can bring you the big bucks. Not only has it contained a very high level of protein, but this particular nut is rich with Omega-3 acid that will help you concentrate better and will prevent you from short memory loss.Impressive.


Okay, this one cut us off guard as well. But, when you study the egg just like we did, you’ll understand that every egg contains all nine essential amino acids that your brain simply can’t live without. As the Huffington Post said, yolks contain a high level of lutein and according to Patricia Bannan people with higher level of lutein are able to process information more quickly compared to people with less lutein.

And now for the food products that are actually bad for gamblers.

Potato chips or any products that contain gluten

This dirty pleasure snack is rich with gluten that is bad for everybody, especially for gamblers. When gambling, you’d like to be concentrated to what you are doing and you want to be able to think of what’s going on. If you want that, then one bite of the fried side dish can knock your concentration out. Since it contains gluten, a special ingredient that affects the brain cells terribly, it can cause you headache or even depression. This also goes for tortilla chips. So, we advise you to stay off chips before and during a hard game of poker.

Sweets and everything that contains sugar

Everybody likes a bite of good old, classical chocolate? Everybody likes lollipops? Coffee? Well, apparently when we consume something that contains a high level of sugar our sugar level increases rapidly but then drops very suddenly. This so called oscillation can seriously mess with you and affect your concentration abilities. Take a look at this video down below that explains the evolution of sugar these days.

This video proves exactly our point!

Did you ever know that what you eat can affect your winnings at the poker table? We didn’t know, either. But next time, when we are getting ready to win us some money—we’ll definitely watch out for what we’ll eat. Will you? Do you agree with our list? Do you agree that foods can definitely mess up your concentration when consumed in big quantities? Leave us a comment below!