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A.G. Eric Holder being investigated for perjury

Attorney General Eric Holder has run into the back of his spoken inconsistencies. His perjured testimony may cost the Obama Administration dearly.
Attorney General Eric Holder has run into the back of his spoken inconsistencies. His perjured testimony may cost the Obama Administration dearly.
Jason Clay Pope

Attorney General Eric Holder is not making many friends in Washington D.C. While throwing all his subordinates under the bus, he has managed to enrage republicans enough to investigate him for perjury. In lieu of his May 15th testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, A.G. Holder may very well become the first real casualty of President Obama’s second term.

During that testimony, Holder said under-oath that,

In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.

This statement was in response to the monitoring of Fox News reporter James Rosen’s email and mobile phone records for possible implication and subsequent prosecution in a national security leak in which Rosen has been characterized as a co-conspirator.

In true Clintonesque style, Holder claims to have seen or know nothing. But unlike Bill Clinton, Holder lacks the savvy and likeability of the former president. However, he has managed to run headlong into his deceptions regarding the Rosen subpoena. He personally signed the subpoena. So, there isn't any way he didn't know about it or it's implications. Democrats, as well as the White House, now view him as a liability that could open further inquiry into other administration folly.

In a letter released from Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik, the Department of Justice dismisses any claims that Holder lied under-oath. The letter read,

Seeking a search warrant is part of an investigation of criminal activity, which typically comes before any final decision about prosecution… Ultimately, as you know, although a Grand Jury charged a government employee with the unauthorized disclosure of classified information, prosecutors have not pursued charges against the reporter. At no time during the pendency of this matter-before or after seeking the search warrant-have prosecutors sought approval to bring criminal charges against the reporter.

Not surprisingly, water-carriers for the Obama Administration echo this pap and any faux story, obfuscation, or bold-face lie as heralded truth. The Styrofoam pillars fronting a kingdom of chalk-cast idols must be bolstered in all ways possible; even if it means denying logic, facts, and common sense.

Will A.G. Holder be convicted of perjury or resign in disgrace? Or will impotent republicans cave to the relentless onslaught of the left? The latter scenario has been the formula that we’ve observed most often and will probably be standard operating procedure in this case. Nevertheless, as with most democrats, Holder may fade into obscurity only to re-emerge as a more formidable republican opponent in the future.

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