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A fusion of wine and history make Epoch Estate Wines a day trip destination

Upon exiting Highway 46 to York Mountain Road you feel as though you have entered an entirely new realm, as if transported to the deep south. The traffic drops off, Spanish Moss adorns the large trees overhanging the winding country road and you immediately relax into vacation mode. Best of all, Epoch Estate Wines is just ahead.

Paderewski Vineyard
Courtesy Epoch Estate Wines. Used with permission.
Epoch's Paderewski Vineyard
Courtesy Epoch Estate Wines. Used with permission.

A destination
Although wineries, by themselves, are rarely a day trip destination, some wineries just exude an atmosphere that makes you want to stay, sit and sip. The Epoch tasting room is an elegant, if temporary, structure but the friendly staff inside, along with the excellent small lot estate wines, makes Epoch a true destination winery.

A fusion of history and wine
Epoch occupies the site of the original York Mountain Winery founded in 1882 by Andrew Jackson York and it was the first winery along the Central Coast. Due to the 2003 San Simeon earthquake the original structure was condemned. However, it is still visible as a reminder of the history infused within the land. Epoch plans to rebuild the historic structure to hold a beautiful new tasting room and a small museum. In addition, take a glance at (but respect the privacy of) the Farmhouse, the grand private home across the street. The 1898 Farmhouse was recently restored to its current elegant state.

Meet the winemakers
In the old days of wine tasting and touring, long before the process became a vacation itinerary in itself, you might meet the winemaker on site, going about his or her job. Much wine knowledge has passed between the winemaker and the lucky tourist in these chance meetings. However, today these meetings are rare, but at Epoch you may meet one of the winemakers in the tasting room. Take a few minutes to say hello and see what nuggets of wisdom you might learn.

The wines
Epoch offers a number of rose and red wines blended with grapes from the Epoch vineyards. Each vineyard possesses a unique soil and climate, giving their wines a unique taste and texture. While any winery will brag of their unique conditions, those of the Paso Robles region can lay claim to conditions found nowhere else in the world. Epoch takes advantage of this by growing the same varietals in the different locations then blending them into truly unique fine wines.

York Mountain Road completes a loop through the gorgeous countryside and intersects with Highway 46 at two locations. Either direction will take you right to Epoch Estate Wines. The sign is labeled with both the York Mountain and Epoch names. The tasting room and grounds, although temporary, are pleasant and contain outdoor tables and chairs at which to enjoy your wines.

Stop and spend some time tasting and talking. You will be richly rewarded with wine, scenery and history at Epoch Estate Wines.

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