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A fundraiser for Lewis Reed.

A fundraiser for Lewis Reed-slide0
Damien Johnson

The Reed campaign held a fundraiser for the reelection of Lewis Reed on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 at 2720 Performance Arts Center. Reed was elected to his 1st term as alderman in 2007 when he defeated Jim Shrewsburry. Reed was reelected in 2011.

As President of the Board of Aldermen Reed has a lot of responsibilities. Reed Chairs the meeting of the Board of Aldermen as well serve as on of the members of the Board of Estimate of Appropriation E&A. Mayor Slay and Comptroller Darlene Green are the other 2 members that make of up Board of E&A. Sometimes Reed find himself agreeing with other members of E&A while other times he find himself disagreeing with other members.

Recently Reed fought Slay over the controversial Veolia Water proposal. Slay wanted to bring in Veolia as a consultant but Reed opposed and accused Slay of attempting to privatize the water department.

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