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A fun Montessori way to teach the names and values of currency to children.

Spot the deliberate mistake.....
Spot the deliberate mistake.....
Tiffany Baker

The following is a fun and easy way to show the values and the names of currency.

Coins, labels and math blocks
Tiffany Baker

Set out one coin of each kind, in this example one cent, one nickel, one dime, one quarter and one dollar bill.

Make a label with the coin's name on it. On the back of the label write the number value. For example, on the back of the Dime label, write the number 10. ( Be sure to spell the names of the coins correctly or your husband will point out your error to you too late for you to take it back....!)

Below the label set out math blocks to represent the values.

Show the child how one cent is worth "one", the nickel is worth "five" and so on. Then ask the child to close their eyes and switch the position of the coins around. Show the child... "Uh oh... the coins are in the wrong places... can you put them back in the right place?!"

Repeat a few times until the child has the hang of it, then ask the child to close their eyes and change around the labels, leaving the coins in the correct order....

Once the labels are learned then you can change the math blocks until eventually you can mush the whole thing up and the child will be able to put it together all by himself.

My little boy LOVED doing this activity and wanted to play over and over and over again!