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A fun, eclectic video compliments the song ‘Med Groove’

Paolo Rustichelli creates a fun “home made” style video to compliment his song ‘Med Groove.” The title ‘Med Groove’ is an abbreviation for Mediterranean Groove. The video 'Med Groove' is “filmed” from Paolo Rustichelli’s Apple 5 I-phone.

Groovin' Mediterranean style with Paolo Rustichelli
Paolo Rustichelli Facebook |

Video is a hodge-podge of seemingly spontaneously shot video scenes opposed to a staged theatrical studio created production. Video is humorously witty with abstract scenes to make for a very unique one-of-a-kind video. At times video feels like a 1960’s visual psychedelic trip. For example, sporadic guest cameos from a puppet named ‘Pulcinella’ epitomize the eclectic feel to this video. Video is creative and free spirited.

Video style and theme reinforces the style and theme of the song ‘Med Groove.’ The video and song possesses a laid back, refreshing cool breeze- by- the- sea sound. Paolo Rustichelli remarks in his video regarding how much he enjoys being by the sea.

Enjoy the video ‘Med Groove’ on video jukebox at NewporterJazz. Enjoy the song ‘Med Groove’ on many great smooth jazz stations such as NewporterJazz. Those that need a feel-good vibe, the video and song ‘Med Groove’ is the prescription. ‘Med Groove’ is the clear example why people enjoy smooth jazz genre and why it is fun to listen.

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