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A Full Moon in Leo is coming up and a show during the wee hours tonight.

HappyValentine's Day everyone!
HappyValentine's Day everyone!
graphic by Valerie Morrissey

Today February 10 the Moon moves into conjunction with Jupiter in Cancer. Early this morning at 2:30am I woke up and saw this outside my window. Setting in the west, it was hazy but a pretty sight. The Moon is nearly full. If I wake up again tomorrow at 2:30am they will be right next to each other! So if you are a night owl or just having a little insomnia like me, take a look outside at any time after about 10:00pm tonight and you’ll see the conjunction. It should be a clear night, better than last night.

The Full Moon in Leo will be on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Need I say more? This could be a very romantic weekend. If single, unattached, shower your love on your friends or do something nice for someone else. What goes around comes around.

Reminder: The Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, Bergen County has a nice selection of soups and other hearty entrees to warm you up on a cold winter’s night. Stop in and treat yourself!