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A fruitful Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Serendipity sometimes brings multiple artists with a common theme together at a show. It may be dogs, dancers, fish – whatever. At the 51st annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival, which took place in Miami during the 2014 Presidents’ Day weekend, February 15-17, fruit took center stage.

Mangos, by Richard Currier of Micco, FL.
© 2014 George Leposky
	Cherries, by Luis Gonzalez of Miami, FL.
© 2014 George Leposky

The fruit artists worked in a variety of media and styles. Most striking was the wood sculpture of Luis Gonzalez. Finely sanded and then coated with multiple layers of lacquer paint, his vibrant red cherries looked absolutely delicious.

All of the other artists included in my fruit slideshow are painters, with a variety of styles and techniques. The water droplets on the skin of Richard Currier’s mangos add an element of depth to their realistic appearance. Backlighting infuses Yu Zhou’s translucent oranges with a warm glow.

Waves and walnuts

Nestled in sand against a backdrop of waves, Gustavo Castillo’s pear and pomegranate appear to be sharing an intimate moment at the beach.

Leslie Bevis painted a reasonably representational still life with apples, walnuts, a branch with blossoms almost ready to burst open, and a bowl, all set on a foreshortened table against an abstract background with shapes that may be branches.

The least figurative of these works is David Oleski’s grapes. Although they are clearly identifiable as grapes, what Oleski painted was their essence, an aggregation of colors and forms, shapes and shadows good enough (or perhaps too good) to eat.

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