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A fruit flavored beer you would never think would happen

Sometimes I love the beer world and most everything involved within the world; however, sometimes I get really surprised about something and just start to shake my head. Though I do keep a open mind to any new products that might come out into the market. One of those things happened very recently, when I found out about a new fruit flavored beer that has come out onto the market by the Taiwanese beer brewing company of Long Quan.

Hello Kitty logo drinking a beer
Hello Kitty logo drinking a beer
Wayne Fullmer
Hello Kitty
Wayne Fullmer

The flavors the beer actually comes in sound very tantalizing:

  • Passion fruit
  • Peach
  • Banana
  • Lemon lime

Here is the kicker to the whole deal, it is a Hello Kitty beer. Before you jump up and run out to your local grocery store to buy the beer, it is only being sold in China. The marketing is not made for kids, but is being focused on the adult who has grown up with Hello Kitty all of his/her life. This is not a new thing for Hello Kitty fans as a few years ago they did have a wine that came out by them as well. Drink safe and enjoy.