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A fresh start for the New Year

Fresh juice spin
Fresh juice spin
Bethane M. Evans

New Year’s is the time of year to examine our future and make positive changes. With health on the forefront of many minds, the question “to cleanse or not to cleanse?” can prove daunting. There are many different types of cleanses addressing multi-systems or targeting specific conditions. There are multiple methods for achieving a successful cleanse whether the goal is weight loss or artery flushing, but when is it wise to do so?

Herbal preparations are an effective process for deep system cleansing over a period of time. A more radical approach is a juicing fast with fresh fruits and vegetables. Plants, foods, have a chemical reaction with our biochemistry. The type, length of time and degree of cleanse may have dramatic implications.

This shared thought is a status update quoted from “The Nourished LifeFacebook page: “… Balance is my best friend when it comes to food. I realize my relationship with food, exercise and healthy living is a long-term one--it's not decided in one meal or one day or even one month. It's something I develop and tweak over time.” December 27, 2013.

The body naturally strives for homeostasis. This delicate balance is essential for health and upsetting that balance can exacerbate existing conditions or even create more threatening ones. Before beginning any cleanse, consult with a qualified health care professional who is able to acquire the necessary labs to formulate a plan based on individual health history. This unique program will ensure a successful practice for long-term well being.