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A fresh look at oil cleansing

Label checking cleansers and cosmetics for the “oil-free” seal of approval has become second nature in our beauty and skin care selections. As a result, it may come as a surprise to you that in recent years, oil-based cleansers and moisturizers have gained popularity in the United States. What will your dermatologist say? Beauty experts around the world have long touted the benefits of oil-based skin care, and there are numerous, price-conscious options for incorporating it into your routine.

In 1967, famed Hollywood makeup artist Shu Uemura introduced the first oil-based cleanser in Japan. His cleanser gently removed makeup and dirt without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Today you can purchase a variety of specialty cleansing oils from the Shu Uemura site. The line also includes cosmetics and a full-line of skin care products. Other brands offering cleansing oils include Philosophy, Murad, Dior, La Mer, and Bobbi Brown, to name a few. You can find these products at Ulta or Neiman Marcus.

Argan oil has also grown in popularity given its all-purpose qualities. Argan oil is made from kernels from the Moroccan argan tree and has long been recognized as a versatile beauty elixir. This rich oil can be applied to skin, hair and nails to hydrate and condition. Josie Maran’s skin care line offers 100% pure argon oil and argan oil light for those prone to acne as well as oil cleansers. To use, recommends applying the cleansing oil to dry skin, and adding water to emulsify.

To be fair, a little oil goes a long way. If you have naturally oily skin or are prone to breakouts, you may not want to oil cleanse daily and instead start by using it once or twice per week. For those with oily hair, concentrate the oil on the ends, and again, remember, you’ll only need a few drops. Argan oil can also be used as an overnight hair mask, leaving hair silky and shiny. However, it needs to be rinsed out before styling.

Overall, oil cleansing and moisturizing offers an alternative to potentially harsh or drying skin care treatments. Many of these oils are multi-purpose and can serve as an all-in-one product in your beauty routine. Glowing skin and shiny hair are just a few drops away.

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