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A fresh bottled water standard

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Bottled spring water can make green living for health better.

Pure drinking water bottled daily at COwles Mountain comes to San Diego doorsteps a short truck drive away. The Pure Flo Water COmpany takes care of its mountain well over 75 percent the height of the EMpire State Building deep, and its spring, and takes its water from the ground to run it through a salts and metals decontamination.

At a lab, water testers test the Pure FLo drinking water many times a year to test for contaminant levels below levels set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the CAlifornia State Department of Public Health. The company's public health goal for its decontamination using UV treatment and filtration is water with the "level of contaminants in drinking water below which there is little or no health risks."

Water has come up out of the family's well since 1958. A company commitment to customer satisfaction began then, and lasted over 50 years. In 1958, at a water stand put up on Mission Gorge Road, San DIegans stopped to fill their own containers with "crystal clear water." Well water gallons sold in San DIego started small, and grew big. The husband and wife built a company building, and put a truck in service. Water deliveries spread across the city. Today, 50 trucks deliver bottled water to home and office doorsteps.

Spring water, the fresh water choice, keeps the company busy selling 5 gallon, 3 gallon, and 1/2 gallon bottles at 50 cents extra a bottle. Pure Flo's popular product, refreshing drinking water, comes to homes and offices made sweeter by the refreshing water mixes that remove the contaminants that collect in the water. San DIegans can lock in a bottled water delivery price for a year, 1 to 5 bottles each delivery, or take the water deliveries month to month, and pay up. Choice of a room temperature dispenser or a stainless steel cooler is up to them.

The Pure Flo bottled drinking water delivery offer still sold on Mission GOrge Road gives San DIegans a price to pay for the tested water quality in its mountain spring water. The company has never gone back on its original plan to count on natural water for a safe, and healthy, product. San DIegans say yes to water Pure FLo puts the natural minerals, calcium, magnesium and sodium, back into.

It "looks forward to serving all your water needs."

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