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A Free Carpet Installation Sale that's REALLY FREE!

Free Labor that Really IS FREE!
Free Labor that Really IS FREE!

Once in a while you find an offer that really IS what it says it is! At The Floor Trader in Lawrence, basic carpet installation is really FREE. At the big-box home-centers, they advertise whole house installation at $37, $39, $97, $139 or whatever the number of the week is and they make it back on the extras. (Boy, do they make it back… but that’s another article See related articles below or beside this column.) The Floor Trader’s offer is straight forward with no inflated add-ons or conditions.

Pick your favorite from 100’s of the newest Tigressa SoftStyle Carpets in every texture and color imaginable at factory-direct savings or choose one from many value-rich carpets IN STOCK for the quickest free installation!

According to the corporate press release “… Although the most obvious feature of this revolutionary product (Tigressa) may be its softness, it is Tigressá’s strength and durability that set it apart from its competitors. Its super-strong, nylon fibers are packed tight to stand up to daily carpet abuse. There are actually twice the number of fibers per square inch compared to standard nylon carpet.

You and I are smart enough to know nothing’s free. Qualified installers won’t come to your home to spend the day for nothing so how can it be free? Simple, the manufacturer is picking up the tab for most of the installation charges. Essentially, instead of you paying the installers, the manufacturer will. The same professional, insured and guaranteed installers that provide quality installation everyday for The Floor Trader will now carpet your home at NO charge to you! The only charges you may incur are for optional, extra services that you request such as furniture handing, removing/disposing old carpet and pad, etc. Full details are at The Floor Trader store at 3000 Iowa in Lawrence, KS or at If you don’t need the extra services, you don’t pay a penny extra! Now THAT’S what I call FREE!

This is a limited time offer. The manufacturer will not make this offer for long so don’t put it off. FREE CARPET INSTALLATION is going on now at The Floor Trader in Lawrence.

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