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A former banking lobbyist enters NH Senate race for Odell’s seat

Former banking lobbyist enters NH Senate race
Jerry Little's Facebook page

Announced today, Jerry Little, a former registered banking lobbyist in New Hampshire, will run in Senate District 8 for the seat held by Bob Odell. Odell announced his retirement after Jp Marzullo, Vice Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, announced he would be running. Little is apparently well-known with the lobbying crowd but not so well know with people in his district or activists in New Hampshire.

According to a New Hampshire Business Review Q & A posted in 2008. He stepped down in 2011:

Jerry Little has been president of the New Hampshire Bankers Association since October 1991, the same month and year the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. shut down New Hampshire’s five largest banks and brought the financial world of New Hampshire to a dizzying, but temporary, halt. Prior to that, he was the association’s public relations director and had been press secretary to Gov. John H. Sununu. His father, Herb Little, is the former chairman of Merrimack County Savings Bank.

It doesn’t appear that Little has a campaign website yet. That is a tad interesting since that’s one of the first things introduced when announcing a candidacy. He has a Twitter account with no tweets and a Facebook page that just started on April 19th. Either Little’s campaign is highly unorganized or he pushed up his announcement into the race before he had planned to. This will be an interesting primary.

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