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A focus on gluten-free pasta at Olive Garden

Company aims to bring in the gluten-free consumer
Company aims to bring in the gluten-free consumer
Darden Restaurants Inc.

In a bid to bring in gluten-free consumers, Olive Garden has revamped its menu to feature gluten-free rotini pasta imported from Italy. Olive Garden has offered a gluten-free menu for a while now, but the new section on the dinner menu called Cucina Mia lets guests mix and match pasta and sauces for $9.99. Guests who choose gluten-free pasta can also pick between two sauces: tomato pomodoro or primavera.

I know what you are thinking, but how can we be sure the pasta is cooked correctly and it won't make us sick? The company has instituted safe handling procedures and it ensures customers that the gluten-free pasta, which is made from a combination of corn and rice flour, is cooked in fresh water in separate sanitized pots using dedicated cooking utensils and gloves.

The company seems committed to winning the gluten-free consumer because their current commercial promoting the Cucina Mia dinner option specifically mentions the new gluten-free pasta. I can't tell you the last time I stepped foot in an Olive Garden restaurant, but I can tell you that their focus on gluten-free pasta will win them a number of gluten-free consumers looking for a deal.

Will you try the gluten-free pasta at Olive Garden?