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A flying submarine?

Necker Nymph, Branson's "flying submarine"
Necker Nymph, Branson's "flying submarine"

Well yes... It's not from a science fiction flick. It really does exist. And who other than Virgin mogul  Sir Richard Branson to be the first to market the idea?

"Necker Nymph," an "underwater plane" that can dive up to 40 meters below the surface, is the latest addition to to Branson's luxury collection which includes a private island, a superyacht and a spaceship. According to Virgin Limited Edition division, the feeling will be like flying underwater.

The $631,000 flying sub, the first of its kind, uses fighter jet technology and was designed by Hawkes Ocean Technologies. It is transparent enough to allow divers a 360-degree view of marine life and Virgin is marketing it as a way to view dolphins and whales close up. (courtesy of CNN).

And of course the ride doesn't come cheap. It will cost you $25,000 for a week's charter of the sub. And that is after you pay a hefty $88,000 for a week on the sub's launch vessel "Necker Belle".

The Necker sub is constrained to scuba limits and is merely a plaything compared to Branson’s plan to introduce a pressurized version for ultra deep sea work.