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A flat stomach with switchwords? You bet!

Switchwords are powerful words the subconscious reacts to for some reason. It seems to speak a different language from the conscious mind. You can recognize this yourself by looking at your dreams. They point to a different perspective on things.

Radionic circles are used with numbers
Kat Miller/Blue Iris

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Switchwords history

Switchwords were discovered by James Mangan and his work has now been carried on by others and includes the use of numbers. It's somewhat of an art to figure which switchwords work best for you but you can often tell, within minutes of using one, if it feels good to you.

Flat stomach

For a flat stomach, there is one switchword phrase used extensively. However, the way it is used varies greatly. It can be used as a chant, put into an energy circle, charge water with it, write it on the body and any combination of these choices. Homeopathic medicine, Bach Flower Remedies and essential oils all work well with switchwords, too.

Additionally, the switchword phrase may motivate you to do exercises for a flat stomach and with faster results. Or, it may motive you to eat a healthy diet or both options. One consideration, for those who may have diastasis recti, is to ensure you are doing the correct exercises.

Diastasis recti

Do you have a diastasis? The good news is you can check your abdominal muscles, yourself, with this test. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Place a hand behind your head for support. Next, place the index and middle fingers of the other hand just above your belly button, pointing them downward. Raise head and neck off the floor and press fingers into the separation between your muscles. If you can fit more than two fingers into the opening, you likely have a diastasis. In this case, switchwords alone may not be sufficient to close the diastasis.

Switchword phrase for flat stomach


You may use abdomen, belly or midriff, at the end of the switchword phrase. Use whichever word feels right for you. The words in captial letters mean it's a switchword. Think of it as a light switch. The smaller case words used in a switchword phrase are defusing words or as in this case, describe where to apply the switchword phrase.

Meaning of TINY-LIGHT

  • TINY-be polite; be kind; be courteous; reduce size; decrease importance
  • LIGHT-be inspired; lighten load, mood or stress

Use this switchword phrase as inspired. Some choose to chant, almost all day, as they go about their day. There are many reports of success using this switchword phrase for a flat stomach.

Source: Blue Iris Learning Center, largest switchword database on the internet

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