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A Flash of Hex is a Flash of Mystery and Science Fiction

Where we last left OSI special agent Tess Corday, she was battling evil vampires and mages and protecting innocent magical youths. In the sequel to Night Child the supernatural crime-solver is back with more action and deeper, darker mysteries in A Flash of Hex

Together Tess and her team, consisting of a variety of magic users and detectives, bond together after a series of brutal murders involving young kids. These are no ordinary murders—and they are not ordinary kids. They have magic blood and happen to be children of powerful and well-known mages. Tess and her team arrive at the scenes to find that not only were the kids murdered, but they were murdered ritualistically with magical items. Tess is set to get to the bottom of it all and find out who is committing these murders and why before any more can occur. But, finding out is not going to be easy. Tess becomes unsure whether or not she wants to find out—because finding out could reveal something more.

Jes Battis’ sequel about the vampire-fighting and supernatural detective dives deeper into her past and into her own family ties—for before she could solve any mysteries about the community and her world she has to solve some of her own.

Coming back for Round Two are Tess’ sidekick Derrick the mind-reader and her new ward Mia, a mage-in-training. Also is the luscious Lucian Agrado who shares a mutual attraction to Tess—whose dark side makes others uneasy. New characters Miles, Duessa, and Wolfie join the story with their own significance and role and the team gets bigger—along with Tess’ household—and ultimately her family.

Tess Corday’s world is scary because it is unpredictable. One magical character is more powerful than the next, and they all look like every day people. Tess goes to the darkest and lowest places to get the information she needs. She is brave and for the most part, in control of her actions, but when she is not she is likeable because it makes her human—even if she is not completely human herself. The book is magical and dark at parts, but the characters always bring humor to the scenes with their wit and banter at each other, which only makes them seem like the kind of people to hang out and goof around with. A Flash of Hex delivers what a series should: A reason to keep reading.



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