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A Fishing idea who’s time has come – A Hobie and Power Pole Partnership

Hobie with a Power Pole Mico - the perfect combination.
Hobie with a Power Pole Mico - the perfect combination.

Shallow water fishing has reached a new plateau. If you have ever chased redfish in shallow water you know it requires a stealthy approach. Kayak anglers have been engaging in this shallow water fun for some time now, because there is nothing really quieter than sneaking up on some hungry reds in a kayak.

A new partnership between Power Pole and Hobie is enhancing the next dimension in shallow water angling. You guessed it, a Power-Pole Micro® Anchor on a Hobie® Pro Angler. Hobie’s MirageDrive® pedal propulsion has been supplying anglers a hands free fishing platform and now, mated up with a Power Pole Mico a simple push of a button lowers the anchor to stop and fish. Even in wind or current anglers are going to be virtually hands free to cast and catch.

Several Hobie-specific options are available that enhance the experience. A Hobie Power-Pole Mount Kit makes it easy to attach the Anchor to the stern of the Pro Anglers. The 60 Watt low RPM, high torque electric anchor motor deploys at 1.2’ per second to approximately 7’ with optional 8.5 foot Micro Spike (varies based on spike length).

The spike even has a threaded insert on top to attach accessories such as a GoPro® video he Micro Anchor for hours using Hobie’s Power-Pole Power Kit that comes with a 12V 9A sealed gel cell battery, battery mount and a charger.

The Power-Pole Micro for a Hobie includes a wireless remote control, advanced wireless dash switch, hardware, fully adjustable mounting bracket, electrical cord/plug/battery terminals, quick release cord, free app (Android), USB Connector, and Bluetooth.

Power-Pole is also an official sponsor of the 2014 Hobie Fishing World Championship.

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