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A first look at 'First Light'

Fetch, Star of First Light
Fetch, Star of First Light

At E3, the first chapter in DLC for inFAMOUS: Second Son, 'First Light', announced it's planned release for August, 2014. The player will control one of Delsin’s conduit supporting characters, Fetch, and will learn about her journey that occurs prior to the beginning of Delsin’s story in Second Son.

Delsin has the ability to use multiple powers and switch between them at will when he drains them from each respective source, but doesn’t have the extent of skill that each of the supporting characters gained through specialization. Since Fetch only has the power to control Neon, hopefully we will get more of an in-depth look into that power than we did with Delsin. Fetch’s story revolves around her life in Seattle, involvement with drugs, and the eventual death of her brother Brent.

This chain of events leads to her dealing out vigilante homicidal justice of murdering drug dealers around the city, and eventually being captured by the head of the D.U.P. and concrete Conduit, Augustine. The DLC will specifically focus on her time and escape from Curdun Cay, the Conduit Prison run by Augustine.

This is a stand-alone DLC and will be available and playable even to those who do not own the latest installment of inFAMOUS. Those who do own Second Son will gain access to exclusive content when they purchase 'First Light'. Watch the trailer here and if you're excited go pre-order it on the playstation website.

As the first chapter in what is sure to be a season of DLC, many are hoping for standalone chapters on Eugene and Hank to follow this first installment. These characters definitely deserve it and a deeper look into Eugene's video game conduit power would be fantastic to see.

Check out the brand new Curdun Cay concept art posted on Sucker Punch's twitter!