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A first for the DCSEAC Coffee Connection

The Coffee Connection, hosted by the Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee (DCSEAC) was held this past Wednesday evening.  It was attended by a concerned group of 40 plus parents, teachers, advocates and community members.  The passion held by each person who attended this Connection was uplifting, inspiring and unmistakable. The DCSEAC members themselves shared their desire to help any parent and student which was nothing short of refreshing when advocating for your child is often met with mislabels and slammed doors.

Beyond this, for the first time in their history, the Douglas County Special Education Advisory Council’s Coffee Connection was attended by a Board Member.  Yes, a member of the Board of Education took time out of his schedule to participate in a discussion with Ralph Albertson, the Director of Special Education.  Board Member Doug Benevento said he felt, “it is important to have a Board member who understands (your) concerns.” Kudos to him and to the Board for hearing the voices that are often ignored; kudos to all who attended.

Douglas County Special Education Advisory Council
Unity of Community - The Result of the School District Community Forum

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  • Lori, Open Adoption Examiner 5 years ago

    Kudos to Benevento for his time and his presence.

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