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A Fireside Chat with Neat Company CTO Rick Bunker at CityCoHo

Last night, CityCoHo / Philly Nexus, Shawnee craft brewing along with JobSpring and WorkBridge sponsored an event that put Christopher Wink who is the cofounder and editor of and Rick Bunker the CTO of the Neat company together for an intimate fireside chat (with virtual fire places) to discuss Rick's vast portfolio throughout his 25 years of information technology experience.

Fireside Chat with Rick Bunker

The first half of the fireside chat focused on the Internet bubble / dot com era, and how Rick was a big part of that. One of the more notable references he mentioned was when he worked for ICGE and they acquired 75 companies in 75 weeks which is pretty incredible. Besides being a veteran of the United States Army Security Agency, Rick is also a graduate of the Defense Language Institute and attended Boston University, studying Russian language literature. Overall, Rick has been a part of many large companies and has helped them grow over the decades.

Christopher Wink had some funny comments, and kept the talk moving forward at a nice pace. One of the things he asked was about funding today versus funding in the mid 90s and how it differs. Rick's response was not what you would expect, "Getting the funding you needed for your company had to do with random luck, either random good luck or random bad luck. Nowadays, those who work harder than others usually end up receiving the random good luck."

So what's Rick doing now? Well he's at the forefront of the Neat company who creates some really (neat) cool scanners that allows small-business owners to scan in their documents, receipts, important paperwork, and then the software that takes those snapshots and parses the information from the documents using OCR technology to organize it into a viable system in the cloud to not only read it later, but have it readily available for tax purposes in third party accounting software. Rick feels as if "Millions of people need technology like this, and whether or not the scanners last, the technology will. I'm betting my career on it."

Overall it was a fantastic event full of entrepreneurs, great networking, healthy sandwiches, and don't forget that savory craft beer. Come out to the next one on April 23rd by checking out TechInMotion right here.

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