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A Final Choice

A Final Choice

"I have to prepare for the possibility if I die before they are grown" to make them "able to function without an involved, engaged, and admiring parent," she said. "So I need to create the picture for them that I want them to have."

Elizabeth Edwards died today, bestselling author, senators’ wife and most importantly to her – mother of her creation of children left to carry her legacy. The statement above written today in the column for announcing her death with words I believe ring true with any mother and the love for their children. The ages of her children crossed over in what can be considered a span of two generations in time, from the young to the adult and a statement symbolizing thoughts adjusted to the span of years and love she devoted to being the mother.

Over the last three years watching as the observer like the rest of the world as she worked tirelessly in creating a legacy connected to what will be rather than what is at this time, regardless of thoughts of the personal circumstances in her life – strength shown through at all times. Yesterday they announced she declined any further treatment and today she exited this world; even in parting making the final choices in her life. When to live “life,” and when to let “life” go in this world and many would say now “rest in peace” Elizabeth, my beliefs are she will continue to work on another plane of existence. Overseeing the seeds planted on this earth, urging and nudging with an unconditional love already in place as a watcher of those she loves. Knowing them deeper than they know themselves, seeing what needs to be seen to guard, protect, and prepare her children for life and during the time spent on Earth. She now knows herself on a level with clarity of all that transpired in life, seeing the past, present and future as a glimpse of the whole of existence. From a final choice to a beginning choice, all cycles meet each other again.

We come into this world, naked to the truth and memory and leave this world naked with our truth and memory left in legacy. Making the final choice and call, in a process of choosing whether; to allow life to progress as an existence blank between birth and rebirth or fulfilling our vision of; "So I need to create the picture for them that I want them to have." What will your final choice be? Now, is the time granted to create the vision you will view and review as your final choice.