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A few words with Chad Ackerman, of Missouri Pitbull Rescue

Chad Ackerman of Missouri Pitbull Rescue
Chad Ackerman of Missouri Pitbull Rescue
Chad Ackerman personal collection

In preparation for my previous article regarding dogs suspected to be victims of Kansas City's dogfighting ring, being dumped at Swope Park, I spoke with Chad Ackerman of Missouri Pitbull Rescue. I spoke with Chad most heavily regarding Conquest, the little itty bitty pittie (I love saying that) found and taken in by MPR. Recently, after perusing my notes for this article it occurred to me I needed to post this interview in its entirety. For any information about Missouri Pitbull Rescue, please contact them via their website.

How many dogs (for sure) do we know were dumped at Swope and in what time frame?

MPR received three calls in two weeks about pitbulls being dumped in Swope Park. We are fortunate enough to have volunteers located all around the city so investigating a call in a timely manner is not a problem. I believe a total of five dogs were reported, three pitbulls one of which was deceased at the scene.

Anything being done at all? What solutions do you see as a member of MPR to this problem?

To my knowledge both law enforcement and politicians have been notified but have not responded or made contact with us. We have been blessed and received attention by local media outlets in the recent weeks who have been made aware of this problem. Most recently, Conquest has helped tell his story of being a bait dog and helped countless other dogs around the city who are silent victims. Since this situation is apparently receiving no law enforcement help we look to citizens in and around the Swope Park area to be cognizant of their surroundings. If you see someone leaving a dog behind even something as simple as reporting a license plate number to the authorities could help save the lives of these animals.

Wouldn't you say its best they're dumping them vs. killing them as Michael Vick would have them do?

I'm not sure I would go that far. The extreme torture and death that Michael Vick placed his dogs through is horrific but also these dogs are not genetically bred to survive in the elements. Their lack of a thick coat is a prime example of how they could not surivive multiple nights alone and hungry during the winter months. Unfortunately rescue organizations could not make it to one of the Swope Park victims fast enough and was found frozen behind a tree.

What else do you think the general public should know about Kansas City's lack of enforcement of animal cruelty laws, pit bulls, or the Swope Park dumpings?

What has been absolutely amazing is the example of the resilient nature of these dogs. After the nightmares they have suffered at the hand of man they have jumped right into the cars of volunteers and showered them with kisses when they have been picked up, a very wet way of saying thank you . Even today, just a simple smile in Conquest's direction sends his tail into a wagging frenzy. If you look past his swollen eye, all of the scars on his face and body you will see all that he wants is to be loved.


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