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A few questions average people ask these days . . .

I wonder if the escalation by Hamas is the precursor to assaults planned by Hezbollah and ISIS.

Eric Holder says racism is not the main driving force behind the opposition to Obama. Why then does Holder always make racism the central theme of his condemnation of Obama's critics?

With so many nation states posing a existential threat to the West, why do American Leftists focus all their rage on America and Israel?

Which White House operative put the screws to COSTCO, forcing the company to pull Dinesh D'Souza's book?

Exactly when will we get the truth about Benghazi?

It is clear Obama encouraged this massive migration of children from Central America. It is likewise clear he did so to achieve political goals, among them, forcing the hand of Congress to approve amnesty so as to better Democrat chances in November. These tens of thousands of children have suffered seriously in many ways. Therefore, it is fair to say this president actually engaged in pervasive child abuse in order to forward his ideology? If so, what does it say about this man's character?

IRS officials admitted wrongdoing. The President said it was an outrage. Then the IRS started covering up and stonewalling investigations. And the President said there wasn't a smidgeon of corruption. He said this before the FBI investigated. Isn't is right to investigate both the IRS and the President for obstruction of justice?

The V.A. scandal happened on Obama's watch. He is responsible. When will he be held to account?

Congress is supposed to provide oversight, and spend our money wisely. When will any of that happen?

With growing, lethal threats to the homeland, almost unprecedented in our history, this President cuts our military to the bone and funds our enemies. Why isn't he being charged with treason?

We now have active duty military officers joining retired generals and admirals, all criticizing Obama, essentially saying he is derelict. This is a stunning development, never before seen. Does it mean we are approaching the breaking point?

The economy goes from bad to worse, but the WH says we are seeing improvement. How long do we have before the bottom drops out, this time, worse than 2008?

Is the polar vortex God's way of spanking Al Gore?

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