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A few protests but NO real riots!

Not too many riots occurred after the final Zimmerman verdict. A few protests in some cities but not too much violence or unrest.

That's pretty good. As in not too much property damage, no deaths, no real racial tension etc.
Because of this our society has avoided a major major negative turn. We avoided

A. Mass looting. So not much property damage are items were stolen.
B. We avoided a police state. Police did not have to go around making mass arrests, whole areas have not been blocked off, not many reports of national guard being deployed anywhere to stifle violence.
C. And we avoided the news images of riots in the streets that would have been seared into another generation of the American public.
So far the only violence that has occurred erupted in Oakland, California. Everywhere else seems forlorn but calm.
Further details and reports from all over here. And here.

This is a positive. This seems to suggest that Americas "riot engine" is running out of steam. People are not as reactive as fore-cast by major mainstream media.

Hopefully this energy that would have been used in rioting will be used to rebuild communities, sustain local economies and gain greater self knowledge.

Hopefully our energy will be used to ascend and manifest a society where a Trayvon-Zimmerman situation wouldn't happen in the first place.

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