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A few off leash thoughts

This is a great time for being outside walking, jogging and playing with our FFBF. However, we must remember safety for our four footed pals. They are not going to consider the consequences of jumping into a lake that is 40 degrees colder than the surrounding land temperature. This is why they have us. And in that genera we must remember they have evolved in their biological systems which many years ago would have possibly protected them from poisoning when eating garbage; today we feed them special food and this has weakened their ability to eat, tainted foods. And of course there are those people we don't thing about discarding something to the ground, then it lays therefore two or three hours in the sunshine and just like us tour pets are ill. This can result in death for our friends.

Just when we were ready to go to the off-leash area, we find it is closed due to some kind of contaminate. This is not the time to go back behind the area, up in the greenbelt or hiking trails (not designated off-leash) and let our pals run and enjoy themselves. Go to and (your area); this is fairly basic; however there are plenty of off leash dog parks and trails. For safety make sure our pal knows and observes the major commands without any reservations. This is for their safety and ours, sit, come, down, back, heel and no; they should immediately follow a command given by us, with no hesitation, whether on leash or not.

These simple directions will make for a safe and wonderful summer with many quality hours spent enjoying each other's company.

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