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A Few Important Wedding Tips! Part 3 of 4

Wedding tips!
Wedding tips!
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1.    Planning your wedding is something you should tackle together. Make sure that you let the groom have some involvement in the planning too, even if you don’t trust his judgment. This is possibly the biggest ‘party’ you will ever plan in your life and it should be presented with a united front.

2.    This is a debatable point here consider the cuteness factor versus the unpredictability factor when planning to include children in the ceremony under the age of six. Very few have attention spans that last more then a couple of minutes lets alone during long and dry clerical recitations. They are notorious to relieve their boredom with the totally unexpected.

3.    This next point will be the hardest to follow up on and you will have to be tactful when you remind your mothers that this is YOUR wedding that is being planned. Where possible give in on some things that you don't want to do but your mother does. Back off if it’s something minor, some small detail, just to keep the mom’s happy. But if it's something that you absolutely have your own heart set on, push for it even if you have to result to crying uncontrollably. (this usually works) Nothing guarantees success more in your future life together then to have the support of the mothers.

4.    This is just a rule of thumb which makes a lot of sense and could save you money in the end. Do not bring your checkbook to the wedding. Having your checkbook handy could set you up for getting charged for extra expenses that you will not notice while you’re in this stressed situation, while running high on nerves. Let all your vendors know that you will need to check over the statements and that you will mail them the remainder of the balance after the wedding.