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A Few Chuckles, And Plenty Of Action, Make "Guardians" A Fun Flick

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster Courtesy of Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

If you want a fun sci-fi flick with some real sentiment then you should see “Guardians of the Galaxy.”
The movie starts off on a very sad note as an 8-year-old Peter Quill must say goodbye to his mother who is about to die from cancer in the 1980’s. Then Peter is beamed aboard a ship and is not seen again until around 2014 in another part of the Galaxy listening to 70’s hits on his Walkman.
Peter is now basically an intergalactic thief who was his hired to steal an orb that is of immense power and also highly sought after by the very powerful overlord Thanos and genocidal henchman Ronan.
A bounty is put on his head and he is now hunted by one of Ronan’s soldiers named Gamora and bounty hunters named Rocket, (a talking raccoon) and Groot (a tree that can say 3 words and fight quite well.)
Eventually they get thrown in prison and join forces with a muscle bound inmate named Drax who wants to kill Ronan because Ronan killed his family.
Basically this story is about five misfits coming together to fight for a greater good, and while not a new story line, the special effects, fight sequences, and humor make it quite entertaining.
The characters were also pretty good. Chris Pratt was quite funny in the role of Peter, a Hans Solo-esque loner. He had the sort of over the top goofiness that has come to be a staple of many Marvel screen heroes but he pulls it off well.
Rocket and Groot (voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel respectively) are great in action sequences and can show some real humanity, especially Groot, who has an almost child-like goodness and nurturing spirit that makes him perhaps the most endearing character in the movie.
Zoe Saldana’s character Gamora needed more backstory to set her up. She enters the film by agreeing to hunt down Peter, an order given to her by Thanos, Ronan’s boss and her adopted father. We see her pursuing Peter with vigor then when she’s captured she reveals she’s working against Thanos, and later reveals she never liked Thanos, and then says Thanos killed her family.
David Bautista was suitable in the role of Drax, a musclebound fighter who does realize he bit off more than he can chew fighting Ronan alone.
I was confused how Peter could still play mixtapes, 30 years later, in a Walkman that still worked, and that in a galaxy they could master Interplanetary travel they couldn’t figure out created mp3’s.
But that’s a minor criticism. Overall if you want an entertaining film with great special effects, great action sequences, and some real comedy then I recommend “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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