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A fertility treatment for women to help with conception

A new program improves conception rates for women 40 and under.
A new program improves conception rates for women 40 and under.
Photo by Iris Waichler

Medical News Today reports that the Genetics and IVF Institute (GIVF) "is launching a Personal Egg Banking service in the Washington, D.C. area to help women 40 and under cryopreserve (freeze) their eggs now for use in the future."

The most common causes for egg donation are women who try to unsuccessfully become pregnant after the age of 35 and women who are unable to produce healthy eggs because of a medical problem. The article goes on to say that women 40 years old who try to conceive on their own have "about a 5% success rate."

Purpose of program

Dr. Lawrence is a  reproductive endocrinologist working at GIVF. He says part of the purpose of this program is to "offer younger women  a new option to help them preserve their eggs until they feel ready to become mothers."  He goes on to say that using younger frozen eggs improves the odds for successful pregnancy for older women.


The article explains that when the woman feels ready to become a parent, "the  eggs are thawed.  Following the thaw, the eggs are combined (through in vitro fertilization) with sperm from either a partner or a donor and the resulting embryos are transferred to the mother to achieve pregnancy."

Chicago programs

In Chicago there are currently  programs that are doing work with women who freeze their eggs or embryos. Local programs include the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago at of Chicago at also offers this option.

To learn more about egg freezing at GIVF read "Women 40 And Under Can Now Freeze Their Eggs At Genetics & IV Institute For Use In The Future" at


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