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A feral kitten finds a home in Vermont - part one

Little Kitty anxiously awaits breakfast.
Little Kitty anxiously awaits breakfast.
Maria Javanainen

This is a true story.

A young couple was driving down a remote dirt road in the summer time, in VT, when the man noticed a small fuzzy lump in the middle of the street. He quickly stopped the car. Him and his wife got out  and discovered a tiny kitten that looked to be only a few weeks old.  They decided they could not leave the kitty in the middle of the road, and since there were no houses nearby, they chose to bring "it" home and try to find out who "it" belonged to. At first, the kitty seemed sweet and helpless. However, as they approached the minuscule kitty she screamed out a tiny mew and ran behind a nearby tree. After some coaxing they managed to convince the kitten to come with them (for the time being).

After they brought her home ("it" turned out to be a female) they realized just how small and young she really was. Too small, in fact, to eat regular kitten food. They had to go to the store and purchase some cat milk and a bottle to nurse the kitten from. The kitten was feisty! She bit the young woman on the finger while trying to drink from the bottle. She jumped and ran and hissed and scratched at everything that she could. She wasn't angry, just rambunctious. As the days went by the couple grew very fond of this 'little kitty', and that became her name by description. They took pictures of her and made fliers to give to all the residents on their road, but to no avail. Nobody knew about the missing cat, as she was probably feral and was born in an abandoned building in the woods. There were many cats on the road that seemed to have no home, so this was very likely.

Now, they had never intended to keep Little Kitty, they just wanted to give her a chance to grow bigger and stronger. Also, to bring her to the vet to be checked out and vaccinated. Then, they planned to find her a nice family to adopt her (they already had three other great cats living with them at the time). The young lady worked with a very nice woman that showed some interest in adopting Little. After some time they decided to give Little away to her. They put her in a cat crate and drove to meet the nice woman. Understandably unsure of the pet transaction they were about to go through with, they were very nervous. Just when the young woman put Little Kitty into her coworker's car, Little mewed (the saddest mew) and put her paw out of the crate into the young woman's hand. That was about all the young couple could stand, and with their sincerest apologies they took the tiny cat home with them.

Little Kitty grew to less than 7 pounds (living up to her namesake). She loved to play with anything that moved. This made her a terror at night when the couple tried to sleep and their fingers and toes had to be safely tucked under the sheets. If not, Little would be sure to pounce, bite and scratch their uncovered digits in a playful (yet somewhat painful way). She befriended the other three cats, but they rarely stuck together. Little Kitty liked to be around the couple most of all. Although, she would occasionally wonder outside for a shrew snack.

Several years went by and the couple moved from one place to another and their cats came with them. They even went camping in the Adirondacks together. Eventually, they ended up in Jeffersonville, Vermont and that is were tragedy struck. 

Part 2


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