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A fatal reminder to always wear your seatbelt hits very close to home

For many of us, putting on our seatbelt is basically habit, I often don't realize I'm putting it on by the time the task is done.  There is a reason seatbelts are installed in vehicles.  Not only are they required by law to be installed by the manufacturers, but they save lives.  All too often I hear stories of people who probably would have survived a car accident had they been wearing their seatbelt.

Sadly, a reminder of the importance of seatbelts came just a few days ago on  when a 19-year old female driver was killed on M-14 in Plymouth when she was ejected from her car.  Police say the driver lost control during a snowy commute, slide into a guardrail and was thrown from the vehicle.

The worst part of this fatal accident is that it could have been prevented.  Maybe her car needed new tires?  Maybe she should have slowed down for the snowy road conditions?  Those questions might never be answered, but the one answer I do have is that seatbelts are a must!  Think of your family and friends next time you get in the car and chose not to wear your seatbelt.  Or if that's not enough for you, check out the video below.  Wearing your seatbelt takes seconds to do, and can prevent serious injury and/or death when you are involved in a car accident.


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