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A fatal plane crash, severe storms, soaring temperatures and a record snowstorm

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A fatal plane crash, severe storms, soaring temperatures and a record snowstorm top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here are the events that happened on March 25.

1934 - A record snowstorm began across southeast Lower Michigan with around a foot of snow falling at Jackson, Lansing and Battle Creek. Snow totals dropped off quickly to the northwest with Grand Rapids getting only about an inch.

1968 - An F2 tornado hit Monroe County causing approximately $250,000 in property damage.

1993 - Dense fog caused a fatal airplane crash at Ludington. The pilot was trying to land in near zero visibility and collided with trees and terrain on his second approach to the airport. The pilot was seriously injured and his wife, the only passenger, was killed.

2007 - A low pressure trough interacting with a warm, moist and unstable airmass, produced a few severe thunderstorms over south central Upper Michigan. Many tree branches and a small tree downed. Dime-sized hail (0.67 inch) was also reported with a severe thunderstorm 5 miles north of Escanaba early in the morning. The temperature soared to 81° in Detroit breaking a record for the date. Flint and Saginaw both hit 76°. On the next day, Detroit once again hit 81° to set a record. In the previous 136 Marches, Detroit only reached 80 degrees or higher 7 times, and in 2007 Detroit reached 80 degrees twice. In the record setting heat wave of 2012 Detroit reached 80° or higher 3 times.