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A Fatal Feeling's killer performance at Sunshine Studios Live

A Fatal Feeling killer performance at Sunshine Studios Live.
A Fatal Feeling killer performance at Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—A Fatal Feeling put the spectators in a metal mood at Sunshine Studios Live, on Mar. 14. They were the opening act, along with YRESIM. James and the Rebels was the direct support and Awaken The Prophets was the headliner.

A Fatal Feeling's killer performance at Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney

Dawson Webb is the guitarist, Jordan “Barney” Barney is the bassist, Donnie Dark is the vocalist and Seth Chasteen is the drummer of A Fatal Feeling.

“Power Chief” began A Fatal Feeling’s recital. As Dark was providing the lyrics he kept his hat on and hood attached to it. While he provided the lyrics, he bent over forward to belt the aggressive notes. After the song came to an end—a spectator yelled out a compliment, reached up his hand to praise them and Dark reached down to embrace him back.

Webb and Barney accompanied each other, for the start of “I Am The One”. During the song, Webb showcased his abilities with a guitar solo. Shortly after, Dark removed his jacket and his cap. After the song came to an end, he mentioned they were from Colorado Springs, Colo. Before A Fatal Feeling continued on with the next song, he requested for the sound technician to turn Webb’s guitar sounds up just a notch.

During “Full Moon”, A Fatal Feeling showcased their talents by displaying how synchronized they were with each other. Webb, Barney and Chasteen intensified the instrumentals and later slowed down the tempo. Onlookers applauded their accomplishments, throughout the entire song.

Dark introduced his band to the crowd, during the instrumental of “Internalization”. As the song came to an end, he thanked the crowd for their response. Brandon Milberger, vocalist of Awaken The Prophets, asked what Dark went by. He introduced himself as “Mr. Dark” and presented the next song, “Don’t Mess With The Chief”. After introducing it, Chasteen started the song off by striking his cymbals.

Prior to ending A Fatal Feeling’s performance with “The Devil’s In Bed”, more compliments were yelled out by those in attendance. As the instrumentals continued, Dark made his way onto Chasteen’s platform and stood near the edge. As the song was about to come to an end—he stepped off and made his way to the front and center of the stage. As the instrumentals continued on, a mosh pit formed momentarily. Dark thanked the crowd one last time, said his parting words and walked off stage.