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A fascinating time-travel romance for fans of historical fiction

Love Beyond Time

What can possibly be better than a time-travel romance with a bit of magic and mystery thrown in to make things more interesting? Well, some sexy Scots, of course, and an intelligent, witty heroine who finds out she’s the only hope of an entire Scottish clan. ‘Love Beyond Time’ is the first book in ‘Morna’s Legacy Series’ written by bestselling author Bethany Claire. The novel is followed by two other installments, ‘Love Beyond Reason’ and ‘Love Beyond Hope’, with the fourth one waiting to be released in June. Needless to say, after finishing the first book, readers will want to grab the next one as soon as possible, as Bethany Claire’s brilliant writing takes the historical romance genre to a whole new level.

Brielle Montgomery is a kindergarten teacher who is quite bored with her life. When her archaeologist mother asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland, Brielle is happy to take advantage of this opportunity and go on a little adventure. After all, there’s nothing better than finally stepping out of her comfort zone. However, her life is turned completely upside down when she finds a secret spell room below the ruins of a Scottish castle and she is transported back in time, in the year 1645. But that’s not all; Brielle soon discovers she is married to the castle’s Laird and, for some reason, everyone calls her Blaire.

The history of the Conall clan is a dark one. Nearly four hundred years ago, the whole clan was murdered, and the castle was burned to the ground, thus leaving no evidence that would lead to the ones responsible. Present-day archaeologists and historians are still trying to figure out what happened, but nothing seems to bring them closer to the truth. Brielle, however, is about to learn the entire story. If at first she only wanted to find a way to go back home, now she is determined to stay and save the clan if she can. She was sent back in time for a reason, so she will not let everyone die if she can do something about it. Of course, falling in love with her husband also helped her make this decision.

‘Love Beyond Time’ is an incredible mix of Scottish history, magic, romance, mystery, and fast-paced action. Bethany Claire is a brilliant storyteller, and her vivid descriptions and amazing dialogues paint a perfect picture of the Scottish society as it was in the year 1645. The readers will easily fall in love with the characters, especially with Brielle, who is a young and beautiful woman who is willing to risk her life to save the ones she loves. The romance between Bri and the Laird is sweet and heart-warming, and the readers will root for them the moment they are brought together.

No doubt, ‘Love Beyond Time’ has everything a book needs to keep the readers glued to the pages and leave them wanting more once they finish the last chapter.

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