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A fart heard round the homeland, “pick it up, ain’t no poop fairy here”

No Poop Fairy Campaign Hits Maddow & MSNBC News
No Poop Fairy Campaign Hits Maddow & MSNBC News
Westword Magazine

It all began with countless poop piles, and growing grumbles from Jefferson County Colorado citizens. The upshot, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, Animal Control officers, citizens and homeowner associations responded with inspired enthusiasm followed by big-time action.

The get-it-done team kicked off its “poop fairy” campaign July 9 -17, 2011. Their mission, boost dog poop pick up. After all they said, “Excrement didn’t just plop from the sky in parks, on trails, and in a number of neighborhoods. Their response, the now infamous there is no poop fairy campaign; clean up after your dog! The volunteers made headlines far and wide, all-over the U.S.

The posse of dog-friendly activists met last week, the end of August, to evaluate results. Will dogs vanish if their “doodoo don't,” Kenny Be of Westword asked?

Their report follows:

Volunteers worked laboriously in 16 parks, there were a small number of roving poop trackers.

Their doggedness was featured in the Denver Post, 9News, Channel 7, Westword’s Kenny Be’s hot collectables, Colorado Public Radio, KOA, neighborhood papers, KGNU radio, the Chicago Tribune. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC noted it on her “Best New Thing in the World list.”Not bad for a first outing!

A Facebook page gathering of over 400 fans in a week! If you haven’t whiffed them, do it now!

They had thousands of hits on their website page.

Well-wishers and appeals from park districts and persons all across the country want their action plan.

Low-budget campaign, reported to be under $5,000.

Point-of-Impact items created; poop fairy signs, fairy flags placed at poop piles with reminder stickers to pick-up, fairy poop baggies. Will poop fairy t-shirts follow, bumper stickers and aluminum signs, Jeffco billboards, will it go global, did it make a difference?

So, will they do more? Absolutely, this crowd is not finished. Ideas flew around the room like mischievous beings; enlisting school kids, scouting partners, people and pets from dog parks, groups that care about the environs. Their key messages:

Pick up and Pack out dog poop.

If you think it “goes away,” it does not! Alas, there is no poop fairy!

Dog poop contains harmful bacteria!

Dog poop pollutes groundwater!

Dog poop is nasty to look at, to smell or scrape off your shoes!

Want to help?The group plans more action next April, 2012; I’ll bet around Earth Day!

Contact the Animal Control Office
700 Jefferson County Pkwy. #160
Golden, CO 80401
(M - F, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)

Paw-active ideas from Cedar Dog at Pets Gone Green!


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