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A famous local atheist

Stenger's newer book
Stenger's newer book

Many Coloradoans do not know they have a national celebrity in their midst.

Retired professor Victor Stenger (at University of Colorado) has written a few books defending atheism. These books were endorsed by even bigger names in atheism such as Sam Harris and Dan Barker.

His more well-known books include, God: the Failed Hypothesis (critiqued here) and The New Atheism (reviewed here).

In fact, although not as well known as Dawkins, he has enough credentials to write a blog at Huffington Post.

Christians interested--and with some background in science--may review his arguments to understand how some atheists argue and even misunderstand Christianity.

Of course, many in Denver are not particularly interested in atheists. But with his blog it will be another avenue for readers and this writer to understand and test the mettle of this new atheism.


  • P Smith 4 years ago

    Hey, if a polititician is told she's unwelcome in Arizona, maybe an atheist will be told he's unwelcome in Colorado.

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