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A family life for orphans

A family for orphans in Cozumel
A family for orphans in Cozumel
Ciudad de Angeles

Approximately 40 orphans have a forever family in Cozumel thanks to the generous life mission of Ciudad de Angeles (City of Angles). In 2002, a rental house was donated for the cause, and from that, a true “city” and home for orphaned children.

Kids who have been abandoned, orphaned, or abused to the point of being taken away from their family end up at the mission, getting a family of their own.

In 2007, a five acre plot of land was purchased for the “big picture.” The land is fenced in, a neighborhood type planned development, with a courtyard, including a playground and basketball court, in the middle and a library and technology center on one end. Eventually it will contain 10 houses for families. The garden is already growing as rapidly as the children, and the transition apartments (for the older kids) is nearly complete.

There are currently 5 houses (number 6 is under construction), each with a set of parents and eight children. Each houses is run as a family unit, with children staying within their family for school (public), church, meals, and all activities a family takes part in. Even though there are 8 children per house, they consider everyone at the mission their brothers and sisters.

Walking around the village, it’s common to hear a young boy call out for his “papa” as they play basketball alone while the older children are in school. And to see a piñata making project going on. That’s a long way for these kids from abandonment and abuse.

The next step for Ciudad de Angeles on the campus is to allow the kids to have a place to stay and return to after they reach the age of 18. Most continue on to college, but being able to return “home” is an important part of that process.

Individual children can be “sponsored” and donations are accepted. Information on what is needed, how to donate and a wish list is available on the website for Ciudad de Angeles.

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