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A Family Advent: Time Machine - Climb On In

A Family Advent
A Family Advent
Thomas Nelson Publishing and Koechel Peterson Design

A Family Advent: Keeping the Savior in the Season, published by Thomas Nelson, was featured in the Allentown Preschool section for its children's activity section. This family devotional for Advent is very multifaceted. It has many activities, stories, devotions and verses – each part speaks to members of a household individually. Four of the sections – each week – there is a Time Machine section on the history of Advent.

This Week’s ‘Time Machine’ section is titled Climb On In and it is ready to whisk little readers back to Ancient Greece. It talks about the origins of the word Advent. The Greek word is parousia meaning presence – the presence of Christ. And the Latin word is adventus is coming – Christ’s coming. And then in 1099 AD the word Aduent in Old English is seen.

This short two paged section talks about how ancient languages evolved and became the words we know and learn today. It speaks right to children about how God set all of these things in motion so we could hear the message and celebrate today the Advent season – the birth of the Savior.