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A faith-restoring tip left for bartender's dog

Generous tip left for bartender's dog
Generous tip left for bartender's dog
Christina Summitt

According to Thursday's WGN-TV, a man in New Jersey did something this past Saturday to restore one's faith in humanity.

At the Holiday Inn in Clinton, N.J., bartender Christina Summitt struck up a conversation with a couple; the paw-print tattoo on her wrist led the man to inquire if she had pets of her own.

Summitt confided that she not only volunteers with a pit bull rescue, but that her own dog, a rescued Great-Dane mix named "Tucker," was at the veterinarian because he was recovering from surgery to remove a hard plastic ball that he had swallowed.

Though the surgery came with a hefty price tag - totaling nearly $3,000, Summitt admitted that Tucker was her baby and she would do whatever was necessary to make sure that he received the care that he needed.

Summitt was dumb-founded a short time later when the couple paid their tab...leaving an additional $1,000 on the receipt for a tip. When she told the man that she could not accept such a large sum of money, she was told to use it for her dog's veterinary expenses.

Shocked, and in tears, Summitt hugged the generous couple, who assured her that they would be praying for her dog.

The man who left the incredible tip has done things like this in the past - he is known as a "nice guy," and a "humanitarian."

Good people do exist, and Tucker is now back at home, recovering from his surgery.

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