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A facelift for your chest?

Chest Lift by H. George Brennan, M.D.
Chest Lift by H. George Brennan, M.D.
Chest Lift by H. George Brennan, M.D.

Debuting on the award winning CBS TV show The Doctors, a new procedure developed by H. George Brennan, M.D., F.A.C.S., a Newport Beach California cosmetic surgeon, is sure to keep women looking youthful and sexy and just in time for Valentine's Day.

"I have always said that you can tell a woman's age by the condition of her hands and her neck," noted Dr. Brennan in an exclusive interview. "However, many women also show obvious signs of aging in the upper chest or décolleté due to sun damage, collagen loss, tissue dehydration, loose skin and age."

In California and other sun-drenched areas of the USA, premature aging, especially of the chest, is common. While many women use daily sun screen on their face and neck, the chest is often overlooked and the first to burn when exposed to too much sun.

For those women, it doesn't matter how smooth and unlined their faces are, or how plump their hands are. If the skin on the chest is dry, mottled, crispy and wrinkly looking, the only thing for them to do is to conceal it under clothing.

But, let's face it. Those that live in California, Florida and other beach resorts don't exactly want to hide under clothes. The temperatures are generally just too warm and clothing styles are far more revealing. Most women still want to be able to wear fashionable and flattering clothes, or have the ability to dress up an outfit with a beautiful necklace, but if the chest or décolleté is severely aged or sun damaged they are left with little choice, until now.

The décolleté is the triangle of skin between the shoulders and the breast cleavage or, as Dr. Brennan likes to simply call it, the V neck. It is an area that as women age they tend to cover with clothing as the tissue often becomes crepe and wrinkled.

Now, thanks to the Chest Lift procedure women can reverse the signs of aging in this delicate area with a short surgical procedure that helps tighten the skin across the chest. Dr. Brennan has performed the Chest Lift procedure on women as young as 50, and as old as 90.

Décolletage is a French word derived from décolleté meaning to reveal the neck. The term was first used in English literature in the 1830s and begins at the neckline, extending about two handbreadths from the base of the neck down.

At that time ball or evening gowns which exposed a woman's neck and the top of her chest were very common and non-controversial in Europe from at least the 11th century until the Victorian period in the 19th century. Many gowns during those times featured low square décolletage designed to display and emphasize the cleavage. The wearing of low-cut dresses which exposed breasts were considered more acceptable than they are today; with a woman's bared shoulders, legs and ankles being considered to be more risqué than exposed breasts.

As times change and women age, exposed breasts and plunging necklines are hardly accepted with the exception of celebrities such as Pamela Anderson. Women today tend to cover the décolleté with clothing and are discouraged from wearing jewelry or evening dresses that would generally enhance the chest area, as was considered normal in the days of Marie Antoinette.

With the Chest Lift developed by Dr. Brennan, patients are finding that they are excited to wear flattering dresses once again. The Chest Lift is a short, simple, painless procedure that is performed at Dr. Brennan's fully-accredited outpatient surgical facility in Newport Beach, CA.

The Chest Lift is performed by making a small, barely perceptible incision close to the armpit which can be hidden by a bra or clothing straps. The skin on the chest is tightened similar to a facelift and heals quickly and inconspicuously.

The size of the incision varies and is dependent upon the degree of skin tissue to be tightened. The excess tissue is gently removed so that there is an even redistribution of the skin from the midline of the chest to the area of the incision. Then a series of tiny sutures are placed to close the incision.

After surgery a compression dressing is placed around the chest, and after a brief recovery period the patient is free to go home and by the evening of surgery can have dinner and enjoy a normal night of sleep. The day after surgery, the compression dressings are removed, the patient is free to wear her normal bra, she can resume all normal non-strenuous activities, continue with her daily hygiene and without any restrictions to her diet. Patients can engage in cardiovascular exercises the day after surgery and use light weights within one week.

If, in addition to excess skin, the patient shows any sign of sun damage which is commonly the case, Dr. Brennan can treat the skin on the chest with a combination of at home skin rejuvenation therapy, laser resurfacing or chemical resurfacing to restore the skin making it look younger, plumper and hydrated.

"Sophia Loren is a great example of a woman who is still able to wear captivating clothes and jewelry regardless of age due to the condition of the skin on her chest," said Dr. Brennan. "For many of my patients, rejuvenating the face is not always enough. They want the freedom to feel feminine as long as they can and the Chest Lift helps them with that."


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