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A Fabulous Modern Wedding Dress

Luxurious wedding dress
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A vast majority of us youths or young couples have been dreaming about our wedding suits and dresses since we were little children. The urge normally intensifies as we continue to grow and see the brighter future ahead. Recently I shared a story with some young couples who met on two years ago and they were honestly confused on how to choose the best and latest wedding gowns. This is a problem which affects nearly 70% of engaged couples in many countries worldwide. To avoid falling into the same trap, here are some helpful tips on how you can purchase your fabulous modern wedding dress.

Planning the kind of wedding you want

Purchasing a wedding gown can be an eye opener and a lifetime experience since this can be one of the most treasured purchases in the bride`s life. The bride and groom need first to agree about the kind of wedding they want. Whether it will be an informal beach wedding or elegant affair, you are the ones to decide. When planning for a wedding you should be aware that everything revolves around the brides dress since the style of the dress will set the theme of the entire event. The location and reception chosen for the ceremony should also match the theme including the attire for the bridesmaids, color scheme all the way to the kind of invitation selected.

Bridal gown styles

There are five basic styles that all designers use to make wedding dresses –the sheath, the ball gown, the slip dress, the empire style or the A-line gown. When a bride looks at these stylistic designs for the first time, she can be overwhelmed by the multiple selections fashion savvy designers craft. So every dress you have ever seen in any wedding occasion falls into one of these categories.
The classic ball gown or the princess gown is the most trending style in the global market. This is because it fits well for most body sizes and shapes, and it is also widely admired for its ability to hide figure flaws. The A-line gown is also another similar style. The style also fits in variety of body figures and is a great option for petite brides because it can make a diminutive woman appear taller due to its elongated silhouette.

The empire gowns are the better option for women who want to camouflage a thicker waistline. Full- figured women should consider designs featuring V-necked bodies and long sleeves. But for those bride that are very slim, shapely or thin, your perfect selection should be sheath. The sheath normally looks very attractive since it is form fitting and tapers narrowly downwards. Lastly, the slip dress is a sheer body- cling that is normally worn by tall, flawless and thin figured brides. The two last styles, sheath and slip are very important for those who want to do away with the tradition.

Fashion trend

Some of the hottest trends of wedding dresses that were unveiled recently by fashion designers include modified embroidery and stylized ruffles. The fashion designers have even gone steps further to the extent of providing asymmetrical treatments highlighted by bold geometrical treatments, shrilling, shedding and pleating to the bride. The Hollywood industry continues to be dominating the market by show casing sophisticated mermaid designs on the runway. In response to the increasing trend related to destination weddings, ball gowns have gained a new look since it is being shown with a more classic approach.

Most modern weddings appear to be more classy, sophisticated and luxurious depending on the bride`s gown because it usually rhymes with the theme of the wedding. For instance, if you are planning a formal event, then a formal gown is the best choice. When selecting the fabric gown or type of dress with sleeve or high necklines for the occasion you should also consider the date or season for the big event. You should also ensure that the dress will make you comfortable when bending down, hugging, sitting and dancing and it should fit you properly. Even celebrities or those from millionaire clubs will double check their dresses before showing on any occasion. After all, no one wants any embarrassing moment on their big day.

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