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A&E Networks: ‘Celebrate Different’

The Arts & Entertainment cable television network (A&E) has tossed in its lot, heart and soul, with the militant homofascist advance. Offered as evidence is its latest whimsical “public service” campaign “Celebrate Different.” (See attached video.)

Does A&E really accept ALL kinds of 'different' or just their own?

Therein one is engaged by a number or celebrities (and quasi-celebrity types like Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars”) to:

“…celebrate different; black, white, Latino, Filipino, every kind of ‘ino;’ girls who like girls, the guys who like guys, the old school, the new school, the never-quite-fit-ins. Let’s celebrate the loud and proud, the barrier-breakers, the larger-than-lifes, all shapes and sizes, one-of-a-kinds, people like us, and the people not so like us. Let’s hear it for people who like people – ANY kind of people. Let’s celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. Let’s celebrate ‘different.’”

Specious relationship between ethnicity and homosexuality aside, the problem here is that A&E is celebrating only people who “like” their kind of people. Which is actually to say; only the individuals who lay prostrate before the advancing same-sex itinerary, those sheepishly remaining mum, and the ones who are crushed into silence through vitriolic chastisement or are badgered into intensive sensitivity training/re-education.

These and these alone are championed. Conservative Christians and anyone else with a developed sense of moral absolutes need not apply.

It’s quite sobering to consider the reach this organization (A&E) really has. Accepting as true the biographical information they post on their website, one cannot but take notice and realize that THIS is a formidable adversary in the ongoing culture war. According to A&E:

“We were founded in 1984, with two cable channels when cable was far from a sure bet. Now we’re a global entertainment media company with six original brands: A&E®, HISTORY®, Lifetime®, H2®, FYI™ and LMN®. We reach 330 million people worldwide, can be found in eight out of 10 American homes and have 500 million digital users. The best part? We did it our way.”

It is also intriguing to note in conjunction with the “different” push, that the network’s published bio on “President of Brand Strategy,” a Robert DiBitetto, includes a comment about a certain aspect of his goals:

“His strategy to welcome younger viewers to A&E has doubled the size of the audience in the network’s target demographics and radically decreased the network’s median age.”

It has been abundantly clear for quite some time that social anarchists have no qualms about taking captive the minds of children in the conflict of time-honored ethics vs. the proposed new matrix.

The entertainment industry, public education, and sadly, even some institutions that consider themselves “Christian” have all caved in or are beginning to give ground to the gay lobby. While some have, at minimum, made certain accommodations to make them feel more “comfortable” rather than simply telling them the truth.

Taking A&E’s numbers at face value and doing the math conservatively, one can conclude that they reach millions of impressionable minds on a regular basis. And the message they seek to impress upon these absorbent little sponges is that “everything the sovereign God of creation would have you believe is all wrong.”

A&E has done it their own way as they claim. Little doubt they shall continue on the course they believe has led them to a place of great prosperity. But eventually they, like all humanity, will come know that there is a reckoning; that one either walks with God in this lifetime and forever - or not.

In either case, from a biblical perspective, it is of relatively small consequence. Many look at the decline of moral standards in society and determine that they live in the gloaming of Christian civilization. As a reminder to them, Christ is already reigning from on high and shall continue to until all his enemies are put under his feet. (1 Corinthians 15:25)

Moreover in this world, no matter how bleak things might appear at any given moment, no matter that some personality is in a TV commercial condoning and encouraging “gay & lesbian love,” the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the church, that is, the body of Christ.

Take comfort and continue to stand for what is right.

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