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A&E 'Longmire' Walt investigates a homicide & Branch claims to see David Ridges

Longmire” (A&E) can be seen each Monday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on July 21, 2014 was called, “Harvest.” The overnight cable TV ratings are not yet available. This is the 8th episode of the third TV season. This modern day TV western is based on the novels by Craig Johnson. It is set in Absaroka county, Wyoming, but filmed in the state of New Mexico. The third TV season has now wrapped up production.

"Harvest" episode
A&E television

Longmire” stars, Robert Taylor (Walt Longmire), Katee Sackhoff (Victoria “Vic” Moretti), Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry Standing Bear), Bailey Chase (Branch Connally), Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) & Adam Bartley (The Ferg).

Harvest” opened with Walt Longmire getting stitched up by a doctor. A gunshot wound grazed his left shoulder after a gun duel with an extremist named “Chance.” Walt won the duel after gunning down Chance who murdered an FBI agent & his family killed a state patrolman. Vic had a concussion after being held hostage by Chance. Walt finally holds Vic in his arms after she breaks down crying because of her ordeal.

Local prisoners working in a field found a man's shoe with its' foot still in it. The Ferg & Walt look at that shoe & Walt says that a small animal may have dragged it to that fence near the road. Both of them & the prisoners search for a body that belongs to the foot. Sean asked Vic to resign & she later calls him from work. She found that someone got onto her laptop & opened her email to Walt about Branch.

The Ferg finds the dead body of George Linder who has a wife Dawn & daughter Cassie. Back at the office, Vic finally knows who broke into her laptop & it was Branch. They argue over it & Branch thinks she will try to get him off the job. He doesn't look good because he has been obsessing over David Ridges.

George Linder was shot in the back & was supposedly estranged from his wife. Walt doesn't know where the wife is, but the landlord says George's family lives at the farm. Cady goes to Branch at the office & asks him for money to help with fees for Henry Standing Bear's murder case. Branch asks her in return why she doesn't just ask for his help in solving Henry's case.

Branch goes to Denver with Cady to find out information on Miller Beck who killed Walt's wife Martha. A woman in the bar Miller had frequented took Branch's photo. Later, he gets a text message from that woman & shows a picture of David Ridges standing right behind him. The photo disappears as Branch frantically searches for David in the bar.

Who killed George Linder? Does Vic resign as deputy of Absaroka county? Did Branch actually see David on his iphone? You can watch the full episode of “Harvest” at the official website of A&E.

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