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A&E 'Longmire' Ruby tells Walt 'I Want You to Hurt Him' who seeks wife's killer

Walt Longmire
Walt Longmire
A&E television

Longmire” (A&E) can be seen each Monday evening at 10/9 p.m. The final cable TV ratings are in & the episode called, “In the Pines” garnered 3.507 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.6 in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. It came in at #2 behind “WWE Entertainment” in the same 10 o'clock hour.

Longmire” stars, Robert Taylor (Walt Longmire), Katee Sackhoff (Victoria “Vic” Moretti), Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry Standing Bear), Bailey Chase (Branch Connally), Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) & Adam Bartle (The Ferg).

According to the official website of the “A&E” cable TV network. “Longmire” doesn't have a preview of the upcoming 5th episode of the third TV season.

A&E does have social moments (video) of recent episodes which includes “In the Pines.” They give information on what might happen down the road. One social moment has Ruby talking to Walt in his office at the closing of “In the Pines.” He is taking profiles of criminal suspects from a box & Ruby finds one of “Malachi” who is in the tri-county jail. He hates Walt & ordered the other native prisoners to beat up Henry Standing Bear because he is Walt's friend.

Malachi's profile goes up on the wall alongside the other criminals that Walt wants to study. He put most of them in prison. Remember, Malachi put himself there because he committed a felony against his own tribal government. When Walt tried to visit Henry in jail. Malachi intercepted that visit & tried to make a deal or Henry would be beaten even more.

Walt did not take the deal & mentioned to Henry about Malachi's offer. Henry told him not to take the deal because he will survive the county jail & the physical beatings.

Walt is trying to figure out who really killed his wife. That's why he is looking at all these criminals. He believes that one of them set up the crime which murdered his wife & then killed the meth addict who supposedly killed her. Walt & Henry were both in Denver when the meth addict was killed. Henry is now charged with his murder.

Ruby cares a lot about Walt & Henry. She says, “You know Walter? When you find out which one of them did it to you. I want you to do me a little favor. I want you to hurt him.” That statement surprises Walt & shocks the TV audience. It may look as though we have not seen the last of Malachi either. Who knows? Stay tuned.

You can watch full episodes of “Longmire” at the official A&E website. As well as videos of the current social moments.

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