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A&E 'Longmire' Did Branch see David Ridges or is it just bad Cheyenne medicine?

Branch Connally
Branch Connally
A&E television

Longmire” A&E can be seen each Monday evening at 10/9 p.m. The overnight cable TV ratings are in & the July 21, 2014 episode called “Harvest” garnered 3.333 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.6 in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. The TV western climbed from 0.5 from last week's episode up to 0.6 with adults.

In 1st place at 10 p.m. was “WWE entertainment” (USA). It grabbed 4.521 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.5 with adults. In 3rd place after “Longmire” was “Murder in the First” (TNT). It nabbed 2.526 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.4 with adults. In 4th place was “Family Guy” (ADSM). It garnered 2.181 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.9 with adults.

The official website A&E does not have a preview of the next episode on “Longmire.” You can watch for all the updates at the official website & on the official Facebook Page.

Longmire” stars, Robert Taylor (Walt Longmire), Katee Sackhoff (Victoria “Vic” Moretti), Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry Standing Bear), Bailey Chase (Branch Connally), Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) & Adam Bartley (The Ferg).

Here is what we know from the most recent episode of “Harvest.” Other than the fact that Walt, the Ferg & Vic had to investigate another homicide. They're faced with working after Vic & her husband were kidnapped by an extremist group. Both of them received head concussions after several beatings. A bullet grazed Walt's left arm & had to be stitched up.

There was a moment in the episode where Walt & Vic showed how much they care for each other. He was getting stitched up & Vic was afraid not only for herself, but for him too. He touches her hand & she falls into his arms crying. She went back for him when Walt & Chance had their gun duel. She left her husband Sean in the car after they almost lost their lives. Sean feels like Vic is married to her job & asks her to resign. We all see her relationship with Walt as very close, but they don't want to go over the line because of Sean.

In Denver, we saw David Ridges who Branch has been obsessing over. He believes David shot him dressed up as a spiritual “white warrior” near a burial site. He may have placed a black crow feather tainted with peyote in Branch's wound too. David supposedly committed suicide, but Hector says he was attacked by him & later died. Hector could've proved the innocence of Henry Standing Bear in the murder of Miller Beck, who killed Walt's wife Martha.

Vic finally writes that letter to Walt. She wants him to let Branch go of his duties as a deputy. He is cracking up under this obsession over David Ridges. Will Branch ever find out the truth? Can he ever shake off this spiritual force that looks like bad medicine? Or is he just going insane? All good questions.

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